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Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

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Letchworth Podiatry Clinic was founded in 1997. On a day to day basis our chiropody and podiatry team can treat and advise upon a wide range of foot conditions and problems including: Athlete’s foot or fungally infected nails, Ingrown and deformed toenails, Corns and Callous, Verrucae, Congenital and Hereditary foot deformities, Diabetic Assessment, Pronated Feet (flat feet), Hallux abducto Valgus (bunions) and hammer toes, Plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Metatarsaligia (forefoot pain) and Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendonitis, Shin splints, Posterior tibial dysfunction, Sports injuries, Footwear and Footwear Adaptations, Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Therapy

Multi-disciplinary clinic encompassing chiropody, podiatry, physiotherapy, osteopathy and manual therapy. Counselling services and massage therapy in evenings. Evening and weekend appointments.

A modern medical practice situated in the heart of Letchworth G.C. Treatments inc. Podiatry, Manual Therapy, Osteopathy, Beauty Laser Treatment and Acupuncture

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Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic is located in the Letchworth Garden City area of Hertfordshire. There are at least 6 other listings in the SG6 postcode area.

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